Carlos Caminos

Is a Venezuelan musician that began playing guitar at age 9 and was doing his first performances at age 14. A long career has taken him on a journey of very diverse projects and collaborations.

His project, The Caminos Music Project, is the result of years developing a passion for learning: Flamenco (Bulerías, Soleá por Bulería, Alegrías, Fandangos de Huelva, among others), Latin Music (Salsa, Bolero, Son, Tangos, Cumbia, and more), Venezuelan Music (Joropo, Vals, Merengue) and Latin Jazz.

Carlos Caminos has co-founded several projects: Raíz de Agua, a Live Music and Theatrical Dance group (; Latifonía, a project of Latin American and European Music for Band and Symphonic Orchestra; A Tono Acústico, contemporary Venezuelan Music; New Caminos Duo, Piano – Guitar recitals with Classical Pianist Sebastian New; Trio Caminos, Flamenco and Latin American Music acoustic music project.

He has collaborated with groups such as: David Byrd and Byrds of a Feather, Reggae-Jazz; Mirada Interna, Afro-Venezuelan Rock group (; Café Pa’ Tres, music covers from different parts of the world.

Carlos Caminos has also worked as a composer and/or producer for short films and tv programs: Bakiro, Directed by Miguel New; Soja, Directed by Gabriel LaCruz; Niños en la Cumbre “Overtura Bolivar”, produced by Explorart Films; Laboratorio Musical, Directed by Carlos Monagas.

Growing up and performing in South America made Latin Music part of his musical heritage. Studying in the U.S.A. gave him the contemporary approach to music that Jazz brings. Studying in Spain with local Flamenco teachers brought Flamenco to his hands.

Carlos Caminos has created the Caminos Music project to include three aspect of his experience: Live Music. Composition. Teaching.

Education & Training

B.A. in Classical Literature: with a strong academic background of studies in Linguistics and discourse analysis University of the Andes, Venezuela (2011)

Professional Composing and Orchestrating for Film and TV (undergoing certificate program with Berklee College of Music):

Music Composition for Film and TV (2019), Orchestration: Writing Techniques for Full Orchestra (2018), Film Scoring  (2018), Producing Music with Logic Pro (2016).

Simple Truths of Music Education: An Orff Workshop with Doug Goodkin (2017)

Flamenco Guitar teachers – Carlos Zárate and Emilio Maya (Granada, Spain, 2002)

Flamenco Guitar Intermediate Course – In Carmen de Las Cuevas School (2001)

Jazz and Blues Harmony with Johan Espinoza founder of Bajo Sospecha Group (1992 – 2000)

Improvisation with Carlos Enrique Segovia (1996-2000)