Music connects us all

We experience so much joy when a student discovers that they know more about music than they thought. Giving someone the tools to make music and the concepts that shine a light on what they hear brings a sense of empowerment that has, on many occasions, brought tears to their eyes. Anyone that is ready to invest time into learning music and practice it will find their own connection to Music.

This connection is established by our instinctive knowledge of Music’s most essential building blocks. Rhythm, frequency and harmony precede our existence and are built into our bodies: as long as our heart beats we live and because every part is in harmony with the rest we experience wholeness.

Our world teaches us about movement and cycles, each cycle has its frequency and at some point frequencies become audible to us. By learning Music we train our hearing, our ability to distinguish the innumerable forms that belong to the sound spectrum.

Music is not a complicated matter and should not be turned into an intelectual odyssey where we are thinking of numbers and formulas and cease to feel the experience. Yes, we study and practice to understand musical concepts or to learn to use our voice or an instrument. But making Music can be as simple as humming a few notes or taping your foot as you whistle.

Beyond professional and cultural paradigms, there is no wrong or right in Music. We should feel free to experience and make Music without any judgment about what it sounds like. If we are ready to learn a certain musical form, style or instrument, then we follow a set of concepts and practices that will lead us there. In this case we learn about a particular paradigm and how it should sound. But we start by learning simple concepts that relate to all Music.

Music can also be very complex. There is no end to where it can take us or to how our awareness can be transformed. I help students find their connection with Music and develop the love for practice that takes them on their own unique journey.

Tapping into our connection with Music is a one way ticket, you won’t listen to Music the same way again. Every little piece of knowledge and every minute of practice takes us closer to something greater that is waiting to be discovered.

Carlos Caminos, 2017